Monday, May 5, 2008

Days Eight and Nine

As I mentioned in my previous post, days eight and nine were spent in and around Phoenix, and driving up to the Grand Canyon. For those of you that are reading this blog out of interest in Route 66 rather than in my comings and goings, this post and the next may be entirely uninteresting. Tomorrow I am heading back to the Route, so relevant pictures will resume the post after next.

First of all some pictures from a drive through the Superstition Mountains. Sepcifically we were following the old (unpaved, yes even on my day off) Apache Trail.

Funniest sign ever considering I grew up outside Amsterdam.

The first of several beautiful lakes.

Read this. No, seriously. Read this.

Roosevelt Dam, when first completed in 1911 the largest stone dam in the world. The original masonry arch has now been replaced by a concrete gravity arch.

Stephanie (disclaimer: I didn't actually take this picture, it's from the day after I left)

Passed through Sedona on the way back to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.

I remember staying here as a kid!

The Little Colorado River Gorge, gateway to the Grand Canyon.

First views of the Canyon...

These were just some first shots of the Canyon, all taken from the rim. The combined post for days ten and eleven will include many shots from inside...

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