Friday, May 2, 2008

Day Six

Most of Wednesday was spent driving through dust storms and featureless desert, so there are not that many exciting pictures. One of the high points of the day, car nerd that I am, was the Route 66 Auto Museum in Santa Rosa NM. I also figured out what to do with the jerrycan of gasoline; some lady flagged me down outside a gas station and started some story about not having enough money to get home, so I handed her the can of gas and drove off. Problem solved! I also visited the Pueblo ruins at Pecos National Historical Monument, which was really cool. The ruins are of a native village with a Spanish mission church. Originally from the 1500's, the villagers revolted and burnt it to the ground. The remains you see in the pictures are of a rebuilt version from the 18th century. I spent Wednesday night in another cool vintage motel, the El Rancho in Gallup NM.

Cold beer!

This abandoned store looks to be older than most of the ones I've encountered along the road.

This is actually a functioning post office, believe it or not. I think it is in Cuervo NM.

Old gas truck. Note the Phillips 66 logo on the door.

The Route 66 auto museum.

My car's mommy!

Diner in Santa Rosa.

The old Club Cafe, also in Santa Rosa.

The road goes on and on.


Jerrycan Lady.

My way and the highway, running side by side again.

Snowcaps in the distance!

The ruins at Pecos. This is a reconstructed "kiva," a native ceremonial room.

The remains of the Spanish mission at Pecos.

This is a very old stretch of road running down La Bajada Hill, which I hiked up as the road was only passable by 4x4. Look at the switch backs and imagine driving down this in a 1920's car with leather brakes. Must have been terrifying.

Is this a piece of someone's car that didn't make it?

Budville Trading Post.

The El Rancho in Gallup.

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